At only 10 km from Tena, capital of the absolutely safe Napo Province, this private hacienda of approximately 150 ha is the perfect place to enjoy to the fullest a never-ending series of activities, which this area lends itself to more than any other.

Lodge at Hostería Hakuna Matata, Ecuador
Inchillaqui River, Ecuador

Hakuna Matata lies on the shores of the crystal-clear Inchillaqui River, at an altitude between 1968 and 2789 feet, which makes it free of all tropical diseases.

Hakuna Matata contrasts with all other destinations in the Amazon because of its commitment to respect its employees (we offer a contract, social security, training), dedication to real ecotourism (the property itself, selected excursions), respect for culture, nature conservation and improvement (reforestation, etc).

We also offer a personal service, high-quality accommodation, superior meals, unique activities and excursions... Have we not yet convinced you?

Swimming pool at Hostería Hakuna Matata, Ecuador

Hakuna Matata has a unique swimming pool, for guests only.

Archidona's hallmark is its tall hardwood palm tree, called 'chonta', so the pool has been designed as a 'chonta', but one that's 88 feet long and 72 feet wide!

Warm spring water (at a temperature of about 77° F, or 25° C) flows into the pool night and day. With a depth ranging from 1 to 7 feet the pool is great for swimming, diving or just splashing around. Around the pool, there are deck chairs and off to one side there is a special spot for relaxing, with hammocks and a massage bench.

From the pool, there is a spectacular view of the Llanganati mountains. Ideal for 'dolce far niente' after a long trip or before you take off for yet another hike!

Hammoks at Hostería Hakuna Matata, Ecuador

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